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Cobra 11 News


  • 29-01-2008
  • New Cobra 11 episodes from the 13th of march on German tv
    On thursday the 13th of march 2008 the German tv-station RTL Television will start broadcasting a new serie of a tv-movie and six Cobra 11 episodes which are from the 12th season. It starts with the tv-movie “Stadt in Angst” (City in fear) in which Chris and Semir are witness of an attempt on the Düsseldorfer gasfactory. On the last moment they can prevent that the explosions destroy the innercity of Düsseldorf. An big attempt: who is the offender?
    In the last episode of this ’springserie’ detective Chris Ritter will die. With this there comes an end to the two years with actor Gedeon Burkhard in Cobra 11.

  • 29-01-2008
  • Tom Beck is Ben Jäger
    The new main actor of Cobra will be Tom Beck. He will play the role of detective Ben Jäger from the 13th season on. Until 2003 Tom Beck studied at the Bavarian theatre-academy August Everding (with as maincourse “musical”). After that he participated in several theatre- and musicalproductions. In 2007 he played in the musical “Grease” and played in several tv-productions like “Commissario Brunetti”, “Inga Lindström - Hochzeit in Hardingsholm”, “Rosamunde Pilcher - Pfeil der Liebe” and “Forsthaus Falkenau”
    Tom Beck will be the replacement of Gedeon Burkhard who will leave the serie. Actor Edrogan Atalay is still playing in Cobra 11 after 13 years. The first episodes with Tom Beck will be broadcasted in the autumn of 2008 on German tv. The shootings for these episode (season 13) have started on the 7th of janaury 2008 and will continue till the 20th of october 2008.

  • 25-11-2007
  • Season 4 and 5 on DVD
    From the 4th of february 2008 the first of three new Cobra 11 DVD-boxes will be available in German stores. These three DVD-boxes together will contain the episodes of the 4th and 5th season. The first box “Season 4&5 - Episoden 46-56″ will contain the tv-movie and the first ten episodes of the fourth season. The other two boxes will appear in German stores later in 2008. When it’s possible you can order the DVD via internetshops like and

  • 04-11-2007
  • Second serie of Cobra 11 episodes with Gedeon Burkhard ended
    On the 1st of november 2007 RTL Television has broadcasted the last episode of a serie of new episodes. During the following wintermonths the German RTL will broadcasted several reruns from the 7th and 8th season (with Christian Oliver as partner of Semir). In the spring of 2008 RTL Television will start broadcasting the third and last serie of new episodes with Gedeon Burkhard.

  • 25-09-2007
  • Gedeon Burkhard leaves Cobra 11
    After he has played the role of Chris Ritter for two years actor Gedeon Burkhard will leave Cobra 11 at the end of the 12th season. He wants to spend more time with his three year old daughter which can’t be combined with his role in Cobra 11.
    On this moment the shootings for the 12th season are still taking place. After that Action Concept and RTL will start a search for Gedeon’s follow-up. Besides acting-talents this one must have more preseverance than his predecessor….

  • 07-08-2007
  • New Cobra 11 episodes from the 20th of september on German tv
    On thursday the 20th of september 2007 the German tv-station RTL Television will start broadcasting a serie of seven new Cobra 11 episodes. It starts with the episode “Entführt” (Kidnapped) in which Chris (Gedeon Burkhard) and Semir (Erdogan Atalay) try to save Chris’ kidnapped daughter. The episodes which will broadcasted this autumn are from the 11th and 12th season.

  • 15-07-2007
  • Third season of Cobra 11 on DVD
    From the 17th of september 2007 the new Cobra 11 DVD “Season 3 - Box 1″ will be available in German stores. The first 8 episodes from the third season will be on this DVD. The remaining eight episodes will be availalbe on the DVD “Season 3 - Box 2″, which will be in German stores from the 27th of november 2007. When it’s possible you can order the DVD via internetshops like and

  • 04-07-2007
  • Watch Cobra 11 on internet for free
    Nowadays it’s possible to watch Cobra 11 episodes on the internet for free (You have only to register yourself). On the website of “RTL Now” you can now watch the episodes from the 10th season and a several episodes from the 11th season. Click here to go to the website of RTL Now ( and watch the episodes.

  • 13-05-2007
  • First serie of Cobra 11 episodes with Gedeon Burkhard ended
    On the 10th of may 2007 RTL Television has broadcasted the last episode of a serie of new episodes. This was the first serie of episodes with Gedeon Burkhard as Chris Ritter, the new colleaugue of Semir Gerkhan (Erdogan Atalay). During the following summermonths the German RTL will broadcasted several reruns. In september 2007 RTL Television will start broadcasting a serie of new episodes.

  • 18-03-2007
  • More of the second season on DVD
    From the 18th of june 2007 the new DVD “Cobra 11 - Season 2.2″ will be available in German stores. Tomorrow (19th of march 2007) the first DVD-box of season 2 (season 2.1) with 10 episodes (”Shotgun”, “Ausgesetzt”, “Kaltblütig”, “Notlandung”, “Das Attentat”, “Die verlorene Tochter”, “Rache ist süss”, “Bremsversagen”, “Kindersorgen” en “Generalprobe”) will become available. The other 12 episodes of the second season will be on the second DVD-box (season 2.2). When it’s possible you can order the DVD via internetshops like and

  • 18-03-2007
  • Only 8 new Cobra 11 episodes on German tv
    The following weeks the German tv-station will only broadcast 8 new episodes (TV-movie and 7 normal episodes). So the announced number of 11 episodes was not correct. The other episodes will be broadcasted on German tv in the autumn of 2007.

  • 07-02-2007
  • New Cobra 11 episodes from the 22th of march on German tv
    On thursday the 22th of march 2007 the German tv-station RTL Television will broadcasted the Cobra 11 TV-movie “Auf Leben und Tod” (Between life and death). This will be the start of a serie of eleven new Cobra 11 episodes which will be broadcasted in the spring of 2007. In the tv-movie Tom (René Steinke) and Semir (Erdogan Atalay) will fight against a gang of man-dealers. A first confrontation with this gang has fatal consequences for Tom. Also Semir meets Chris Ritter for the first time. What Semir doesn’t know: Chris is an undercover-agent. Semir thinks that Chris is a member of the gang and the two become eachother’s fiend……..
    The tv-movie is the last episode in which René Steinke will play. He will be replaced by Gedeon Burkhard who will play the role of Chris Ritter, the new colleaugue of Semir Gerkhan, from the start of the 11th season. Not only René Steinke will leave the serie in the tv-movie: also Martina Hill, who plays the role of Petra Schubert, will make her last appearance on Cobra 11. The new computer-expert of the Cobra 11-team will be Susanne König. A role which is played by actress Daniele Wutte from the start of the 11th season on.

  • 17-12-2006
  • Second season of Cobra 11 on DVD
    From the 19th of macrh 2007 the new DVD “Cobra 11 - Season 2.1″ will be available in German stores. On this DVD will be eleven episodes of the second season (”Shotgun”, “Ausgesetzt”, “Kaltblütig”, “Notlandung”, “Das Attentat”, “Die verlorene Tochter”, “Rache ist süss”, “Bremsversagen”, “Crash”, “Kindersorgen” and “Generalprobe”). Other episodes of the second season will be on DVD later next year. When it’s possible you can order the DVD via internetshops like and

  • 19-11-2006
  • Serie of new Cobra 11 episodes on German tv has ended
    On the 16th of november 2006 RTL Television has broadcasted the 12th and last episode of a serie of new episodes. During the following wintermonths the German tv-station will broadcast reruns of episodes from the sixth season. The German RTL will start broadcasting new epsiodes in march 2007, which will start with de tv-movie “Auf Leben und Tod” (Between life and death). In this extra long episode René Steinke will leave the serie and Gedeon Burkhard will make his first appearance.

  • 22-10-2006
  • First season of Cobra 11 on DVD
    From the 20th of november 2006 a new Cobra 11-DVD will be available in German stores. The complete first season with the pilot “Bomben bei Kilometer 92″ and the following eight episodes will be on this DVD. You can order the DVD via internetshops like and

  • 06-10-2006
  • More new Cobra 11 episodes on German television
    German tv-station RTL Television will broadcast more new episodes this autumn than the announced 9 epsiodes. After these nine episodes RTL Television continues the serie of new episodes with “Der letzte Coup”. How many new episodes will be broadcasted after this one is not yet known.

  • 26-07-2006
  • New Cobra 11 episodes on German television
    On thursday the 7th of september 2006 the German tv-station RTL Television will broadcasted the first epsiode in a serie of nine new Cobra 11 episodes. These episodes will be from the 10th season. The first new episode will be “Vertrauenssache”. Because there will be nine new epsiodes this autumn, it’s obvious that the last episode with René Steinke and the first with Gedeon Burkhard will be broadcasted on German television in the spring of 2007.

  • 04-06-2006
  • Actor Gedeon Burkhard is the replacement for René Steinke in the Cobra 11 team. Gedeon is particularly known for his role in the popular tv-series “Inspector Rex”. In this serie he played the role of Alex Brandtner, the boss of policedog Rex. The shootings with Gedeon who will play the role of Chris Ritter, the new colleague of Semir Gerkhan, have already started in february of this year.

  • 26-05-2006
  • On thursday the 18th of may 2006 the German tv-station RTL Television has broadcasted the last in a serie of new Cobra 11 episodes. These episodes were from the ninth en tenth season. In the episode “Flashback” actress Carina Wiese alias Andrea has left Cobra 11. Her place is taken over by actress Martina Hill, who plays the role of Petra Schubert. In the autumn of 2006 RTL Television will broadcast a serie of new epsiodes.

  • 26-05-2006
  • From the 31th of july 2006 the third Cobra 11-DVD will be available in German stores. Eight episodes of the ninth and tenth season will be on this DVD. It will contain the following episodes: Fieber, Auf der Jagd, Außer Kontrolle, Kleine Schwester, Unter Verdacht, Kein Weg zurück, Flashback and Unter Feuer.

  • 05-03-2006
  • On the 12th of march 2006 Cobra 11 celebrates its 10th anniversary. On tuesday the 12th of march 1996 the pilot “Bomben bei Kilometer 92″ was broadcasted for the first time on German television. In those 10 years 132 epsiodes and 5 tv-movies were broadcasted in Germany and still Cobra 11 is a succes: at least 35 episodes will be broadcasted in the next few years.

  • 15-01-2006
  • On the 8th of february 2006 René Steinke will have his last shootings for Cobra 11. After he played rhe role of Tom Kranich for two years he will leave the serie again. René made his first appearance in the episode “Höllenfahrt auf der A4″ in 1999. In 2003 he thinks it’s time for something else and leaves the serie in the episode “Abschied”. After two years he misses the action of Cobra 11 and he returns in the episode “Comeback” in 2005. But now he leaves the Cobra 11-team again at the end of the 10th season. At this moment RTL Television and Action Concept have decided who is going to replace him, but the name of actor hasn’t been announced yet.

  • 11-12-2005
  • The 1,1 kilometre long film-highway, which is especially used for filming action-scenes, is ready. The first shootings on the film-highway near Aldenhoven-Siersdorf have already took place. The project, the “Filmstraße”, is expensive, but now Action Concept has to rent a part of a highway, which each time costs more than 100.000 euro. Near the highway a landing-site for helicopters, a gas-station and a skid-course were build.

  • 07-09-2005
  • From the 31th of october 2005 the second Cobra 11-DVD will be available in German stores. Eight episodes of the ninth season will be on this DVD. It will contain the following episodes: Comeback, Explosiv, Feindliche Übernahme, Heldentage, Der Kommissar, Jäger und Gejagte, Notwehr en Brennpunkt Autobahn.

    Alarm for Cobra 11 Crash Time

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    Alarm for Cobra 11 Crash Time

    Alarm for Cobra 11 is a very popular German Television series, and we have “hands on” on the game!
    Check out our exclusive 3D shots and a very interesting Q&A with Andreas Leicht, product manager at Synetic!

    Q: Hi Andreas, could you describe your position at Synetic and your development carreer?
    A: It is my job to keep in touch with the outside world. Whether it is the exchange of information with other developers, answering typical questions from gamers about already released Synetic titles, or enquiries about current projects: communication is my thing! But as we are a small team also other aspects of development affect my daily business like QA, Product Management, Producing. I have started my career as a tester for a soccer management game during my study and become the director of QA after finishing study. With some other people from this company we founded our own company, Synetic and we are still all here to do some more racing games.

    Q: We know Synetic from World Racing, a great sim racing done with Mercedes license.How did you get into the idea of a movie license?

    Andreas Leicht
    A: That is simple: We just gota phone call by RTL, the publisher of Alarm for Cobra 11, asking us to do a racing game with this license. We did have time and after having beensuccessful with “Alarm for Cobra 11 – Nitro” we are doing it a second time with “Crash Time”.

    Q: Did you haveadvices or inputs for the gameplay by the screen writers of the Cobra 11 tv series?

    A: We have had a “look behind the scenes” and it was great to see how many things are equalin making TV series and making games. We talked a lot with the guys from Action Concept about stunts, camera positions, computer animated effects and story telling. And even Hermann Joha, producer of the TV format Alarm for Cobra 11, is giving his voice for some mission briefings in the game. A big thanks from here J.

    Q: You have built a quite big sim racing community with World Racing and World Racing 2. The modding scene was even interesting. Do you think those people will move to Cobra 11 Crash Time? Will be CT moddable?

    A: The community and the ability to mod a game is very important for us. For people moving to Crash Time we can say that it is moddable in the same way and with the same tools they use for World Racing series or Cobra 11 – Nitro.

    Q: How many people are employed at Synetic?

    A: We are 10 people working here plus external teams for some outsource productions.

    Q: About the engine, is it an evolution of the old one, or is it done from scratch?

    A: It is an evolution of the engine we used for World Racing series, but we improved or redesigned many parts of the engine, like we have to do it for all of our productions.

    Q: We think, that you have spent many time on creating the damage model of the game. Is this right?Could you describe us how it works?

    A: Uhm, I will try to make it simple. The damage model works on a vertex basis. On the basis of physical impulses during a collision vertex basis is deformed.In addition, the animated model, clattering and sloping pieces, is triggered if the deformation exceeds a specified limit. This means that the cars are not only deforming but even parts can break and fall off. Last but not least we use a special texture to show scratches on the car where it was hit.

    Q: The 3D landscape engine handles a huge polycount scene. Could you tell us how many polygons the landscape scenarios have, and how this part of the engine works?

    A: Polycount is around 1.200.000 triangles per scene. To be honest I have no idea how the engine works. I just asked our 3D-programmers, but they kicked me out after the 3rd try to explain it with the sentence: “The triangles are there and then they will be drawn”.

    Q: Are you using middleware to control physics?

    A: No, the complete physic system is self-developed and enhanced with the 3D-engine.

    Q: We were impressed about the A.I. inside the game. Are you using third parties solutions for A.I.?

    A: The A.I. was nearly completely redesigned and we added a “Pathfinding”, which means that the A.I. is not track based and not limited to the streets. During an observation or police chase, the A.I. will find different ways to escape and if you have to repeat a mission, be sure that the A.I. will not choose the same way.

    Q: The cities inside the game are real cities like Monaco. How many references did you took to get the textures of a city like Monaco?Did you had a collaboration with the authorities of the city? Did you need authorisations to reproduce it?

    A: The cities in the game do refer to real architecture like industrial buildings, inner city districts, train stations and so on but we did not actually reproduce a complete real city.Several thousands of photos, texture DVD’s, research in books and videos was needed to get a real look of the cities and we are still collecting relevant data for our future productions. There is no need for any authorization on the textures we use, as if we are reworking the pictures and modify critical aspects like removing people in windows at a house front or advertisings.
    Q: Which was the most difficult task in the development of Cobra 11 Crash Time?

    A: No question, it was the new pathfinding system. After a quick success at the beginning of the development phase we underestimated the rest of this process totally. But at the end and with a lot of overhours it rocks J.

    Q: Could you tell us the development time of Cobra 11 CT?

    A: Too long. We worked over 8 month on it.

    Alarm fur Cobra 11: Nitro

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    Demo download: Download

    MEGA CRASHMIX of Alarm fur COBRA 11 Part 2

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    Alarm fur Cobra 11: Crash Time Trailer

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    Alarm fur COBRA 11 - CRASHMIX

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    MEGA CRASHMIX of Alarm fur COBRA 11

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    Alarm fur Cobra 11 - Die Autobahnpolizei

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    Series Directed by
    Raoul W. Heimrich         (22 episodes, 1999-2006)
    Axel Sand         (11 episodes, 2004-2007)
    Sebastian Vigg         (6 episodes, 2003-2007)
    Carmen Kurz         (5 episodes, 2003-2006)
    Roland Busch         (5 episodes, 2006-2007)
    Axel Barth         (5 episodes, 2006)
    Stefan Richter         (4 episodes, 2006-2007)
    Roland Leyer         (3 episodes, 2006)
    Heinz Dietz         (2 episodes, 2006-2007)
    Hermann Joha         (2 episodes, 2006)
    Ed Ehrenberg         (1 episode, 2006)

    Arend Agthe         (unknown episodes)
    Pete Ariel         (unknown episodes)
    Christoph Eichhorn         (unknown episodes)
    Holger Gimpel         (unknown episodes)
    Gabriele Heberling         (unknown episodes)
    Marc Hertel         (unknown episodes)
    Michael Karen         (unknown episodes)
    Diethard Küster         (unknown episodes)
    Stephen Manuel         (unknown episodes)
    Helmut Metzger         (unknown episodes)
    Oren Schmuckler         (unknown episodes)
    Michael Schneider         (unknown episodes)
    Hans Schönherr         (unknown episodes)
    Matthias Tiefenbacher         (unknown episodes)
    Peter Vogel         (unknown episodes)
    Leo Zahn         (unknown episodes)

    Series Writing credits
    Frank Koopmann         (8 episodes, 2002-2007)
    Markus Hoffmann         (6 episodes, 2002-2005)
    Roland Heep         (5 episodes, 2003-2007)
    Jeanet Pfitzer         (3 episodes, 2002-2006)
    Lorenz Stassen         (3 episodes, 2007-2008)
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    Arne Nolting         (2 episodes, 2007-2008)
    Jan Martin Scharf         (2 episodes, 2007-2008)
    Andreas Heckmann         (1 episode, 2006)
    Andreas Schmitz         (1 episode, 2006)

    Torsten Buchsteiner         (unknown episodes)
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    Alexander Hahn         (unknown episodes)
    Robert Huttinger         (unknown episodes)
    Gerhard J. Rekel         (unknown episodes)
    Sven Ulrich         (unknown episodes)

    Series Cast
    Erdogan Atalay    …     Semir Gerkhan (177 episodes, 1996-2008)
    René Steinke    …     Tom Kranich (83 episodes, 1999-2007)
    Charlotte Schwab    …     Anna Engelhardt (44 episodes, 1997-2008)
    Gottfried Vollmer    …     Dieter Bonrath (44 episodes, 1996-2008)
    Dietmar Huhn    …     Horst Herzberger / … (43 episodes, 1997-2008)
    Carina N. Wiese    …     Andrea Schäfer (37 episodes, 1997-2008)

    Christian Oliver    …     Jan Richter (28 episodes, 2003-2004)
    Gedeon Burkhard    …     Chris Ritter (21 episodes, 2007-2008)
    Christian Tasche    …     Bremer / … (7 episodes, 2001-2006)
    Martina Hill    …     Petra Schubert (6 episodes, 2006-2007)
    Kerstin Thielemann    …     Oberstaatsanwältin Isolde Maria Schrankmann / … (4 episodes, 2004-2005)
    Frank-Leo Schröder    …     Heikko Dräger / … (3 episodes, 1998-2005)
    Astrid M. Fünderich    …     Dr. Hybner / … (3 episodes, 1998-2002)
    Mark Keller    …     André Fux (2 episodes, 1997-1999)
    Susann Uplegger    …     Laura Wagner / … (2 episodes, 1996-2000)
    Leon Boden    …     KOK Kindermann (2 episodes, 1996-1998)
    Rainer Strecker    …     Ingo Fischer (2 episodes, 1996)
    Sandra Leonhard    …     Andrea de Sand / … (2 episodes, 1997-2006)
    Anne Kanis    …     Sandra Strohm / … (2 episodes, 1997-2004)

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    Michael Habeck    …     Alesso Corto / … (2 episodes, 1997-2000)
    Sven Riemann    …     Manfred / … (2 episodes, 1997)

    Alexander Beyer    …     Ronald Balz / … (2 episodes, 1998-2007)
    Christoph Quest    …     Mark de Luca (2 episodes, 1998-2004)

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    Lou Lou Rhemrev    …     Mareike Vanstraaten (unknown episodes, 1996)
    Irmelin Beringer    …     Jeanette (unknown episodes, 1997-1998)
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    Series Produced by
    Hermann Joha    ….     producer (172 episodes, 1996-2007)
    Peter Güde    ….     assistant producer (30 episodes, 2002-2004)
    Dirk Eggers    ….     producer (25 episodes, 1995-1998)

    Axel Bär    ….     executive producer (unknown episodes)
    Till Derenbach    ….     executive producer (unknown episodes)
    Till Oerenbach    ….     line producer (unknown episodes)
    Stefan Retzbach    ….     producer (unknown episodes)
    Alex Roth    ….     line producer (unknown episodes)
    Michael Scheel    ….     executive producer (unknown episodes)
    Heiko Schiefer    ….     associate producer (unknown episodes)
    Franco Tozza    ….     line producer (unknown episodes)

    Series Original Music by
    Kay Skerra         (12 episodes, 2006-2007)
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    Jaro Messerschmidt         (5 episodes, 2007)
    Nik Reich         (5 episodes, 2007)

    Markus Lonardoni         (unknown episodes)
    Rainer Oleak         (unknown episodes)
    Mike Stephan Parker         (unknown episodes)
    Matthias Weber         (unknown episodes)

    Series Cinematography by
    Axel Fischer         (1 episode, 2003)

    Theo Angell         (unknown episodes)
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    Ingo Hamer         (unknown episodes)
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    Joachim Jung         (unknown episodes)
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    Series Film Editing by
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    Behruz Torbati         (unknown episodes)
    Julia von Frihling         (unknown episodes)

    Series Casting by
    Outcast         (unknown episodes)

    Series Production Management
    Vera Brenner    ….     post-production supervisor (78 episodes, 2001-2006)

    Stefan Beckers    ….     post-production supervisor (unknown episodes)
    Till Derenbach    ….     production manager (unknown episodes)
    Frank Huwe    ….     production manager (unknown episodes)
    Marcos Kantis    ….     production manager (unknown episodes)
    Francisco Rojo Villada    ….     production manager (unknown episodes)

    Series Second Unit Director or Assistant Director
    Torsten Künstler    ….     second unit director (33 episodes, 1999-2002)
    Dirk Seibert    ….     second second assistant director (12 episodes, 2006-2007)

    Götz Borchert    ….     second assistant director (unknown episodes)
    Chris Brighton    ….     first assistant director (unknown episodes)
    Ed Ehrenberg    ….     first assistant director (unknown episodes)
    Claude Giffel    ….     first assistant director (unknown episodes)
    Christiane Kirsch    ….     first assistant director (unknown episodes)
    Richard Lehun    ….     second assistant director (unknown episodes)
    Susanne Nagusch    ….     first assistant director (unknown episodes)
    Ralph Polinski    ….     assistant director (unknown episodes)
    Monty L. Simons    ….     second unit director (unknown episodes)

    Series Art Department
    Julian Ahlers    ….     props (unknown episodes)
    Philipp Hübner    ….     construction coordinator / set dresser (unknown episodes)

    Series Sound Department
    Christoph Hundt    ….     sound effects editor / sound re-recording mixer (105 episodes, 2001-2007)
    Michael Feuser    ….     sound re-recording mixer / supervising sound editor (72 episodes, 1998-2007)
    Andrea Bella    ….     sound editor (51 episodes, 1999-2007)

    Christian Wegner    ….     sound mixer (unknown episodes, 2000)
    Charlie Essers    ….     sound re-recording mixer (unknown episodes)
    Jochen Hergersberg    ….     sound (unknown episodes)
    Ulf Herrmann    ….     sound mixer (unknown episodes)
    Christopher Horn    ….     boom operator (unknown episodes)
    Matthias Obergarz    ….     sound (unknown episodes)
    Josef Pörzchen Jr.    ….     sound (unknown episodes)
    Sebastian Steiner    ….     sound editor (unknown episodes)

    Series Special Effects by
    Volker Lorig    ….     special effects supervisor (unknown episodes, 1998-2000)
    Sven Kühn    ….     special effects coordinator (unknown episodes, 2000-2003)
    Christian Buhr    ….     special effects (unknown episodes)
    Markus Hesseling    ….     special effects (unknown episodes)
    Achim Heussen    ….     special effects (unknown episodes)
    Dennis Kron    ….     special effects (unknown episodes)
    Mirko Nied    ….     special effects (unknown episodes)
    Michael Rupalla    ….     special effects (unknown episodes)
    Wolf Schiebel    ….     special effects (unknown episodes)
    Gregor Terpaß    ….     special effects (unknown episodes)
    Niklas Voigt    ….     special effects (unknown episodes)
    Christoph von Lengerke    ….     special effects supervisor (unknown episodes)

    Series Visual Effects by
    Marius Kuberczyk    ….     visual effects artist (90 episodes, 1999-2005)
    Anne Fuhrmann    ….     digital effects artist (70 episodes, 2002-2006)
    Benjamin Krebs    ….     digital effects artist: Action Concept GmbH (42 episodes, 2003-2005)

    Steffen Kaus    ….     digital effects artist (unknown episodes)
    Frank Keuper    ….     visual effects supervisor (unknown episodes)

    Series Stunts
    Carl Stück    ….     stunt double / stunt coordinator / … (90 episodes, 1997-2007)
    Ramazan Bulut    ….     stunt double / stunt performer / … (34 episodes, 1998-2007)
    Tanja Pelster    ….     stunts (14 episodes, 2001-2003)

    Matthias Barsch    ….     stunt coordinator (unknown episodes)
    Roland Busch    ….     stunts (unknown episodes)
    Hakan Haslaman    ….     stunts (unknown episodes)
    Hermann Joha    ….     stunt coordinator (unknown episodes)
    Roland Leyer    ….     stunt coordinator (unknown episodes)
    Anthony Traber    ….     stunts (unknown episodes)

    Series Camera and Electrical Department
    Chris Hilden    ….     camera operator (117 episodes, 1997-2005)
    Mark Herpich    ….     second assistant camera (41 episodes, 2003-2005)
    David Hofmann    ….     camera operator (7 episodes, 2004-2007)
    Gauthier Bouret    ….     video operator (4 episodes, 2006)
    Benjamin Treplin    ….     camera operator / steadicam operator (4 episodes, 2007)

    Marco Uggiano    ….     camera operator (unknown episodes, 1998)
    Benjamin Blömer    ….     video operator: additional camera assistant (unknown episodes)
    Christoph Chassée    ….     underwater cinematographer (unknown episodes)
    Axel Fischer    ….     camera operator: action sequences (unknown episodes)
    Christian Kitscha    ….     second assistant camera (unknown episodes)
    Heiko Merten    ….     additional camera operator: action unit (unknown episodes)
    Solveig Sammer    ….     focus puller: action sequences (unknown episodes)
    Uli Schmidt    ….     focus puller: pilot (unknown episodes)
    Oliver Staack    ….     special cinematographer (unknown episodes)

    Series Transportation Department
    Mark S. Hölscher    ….     production driver (unknown episodes)

    Series Other crew
    Pimes Doerfler    ….     production accountant (16 episodes, 1998-1999)

    Bernhard Horst    ….     fire safety (unknown episodes, 1999)
    Christian Kitscha    ….     assistant crashboxes: second unit / operator crashboxes: second unit (unknown episodes, 2000-2001)
    Matthias Barsch    ….     director: action sequences (unknown episodes)
    Sylvie Bertin    ….     choreographer (unknown episodes)
    Maike Bitter    ….     location manager (unknown episodes)
    Axel Schill    ….     script supervisor (unknown episodes)
    Dirk Seibert    ….     location manager (unknown episodes)
    Alexander Stahl    ….     action director (unknown episodes)